About Me

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and work primarily in Node.js. Programming isn't just a job for me, it's also my hobby. I love learning anything I can about programming and I'm always working on some kind of side project. Lately, I've been trying my hand at functional programming by learning Haskell. Currently I work at a company called Branding Brand, where I'm a fullstack developer working on various clients mobile websites.


I'm familiar with most of the big name frameworks, like Angular and Ember, along with some of the less popular ones like Backbone; if need be, I have no problem working with plain JavaScript as well. CSS is no problem for me either, and I'm very familiar with preprocessors (I used to prefer SASS, but I have since switched to Stylus and loving it). Supporting a wide range of browsers is something I'm no stranger to, either. I've written sites specifically for IE 7 & 8, mobile only sites, and fully responsive sites.


Like I mentioned earlier, I primarily work with Node.js, but before that I've worked with C#, Java, PHP, and Haskell (although, that one I'm still very much a beginner). I've built RESTful APIs, worked with SOAP endpoints, and built microservices. Working with a databases is no problem for me either - I've worked with MySQL, MSSQL, and MongoDB.

Devops & Tooling

I've done a few freelance projects in the past and have experience deploying and managing clients sites. I automate things as often as I can, and have no problem writing up a quick shell script to get a job done fast. I'm familiar with Windows, although I prefer to work in Linux (currently running Arch and loving it) or OS X.