About Me

@WalmartLabs Software Engineer living in Philadelphia. I enjoy writing code in TypeScript, Kotlin, and Rust, though I'm not very good at the latter. I'm almost always working on RESTful or GraphQL service. I enjoy experimenting with new programming languages, and have a deep interest in learning how to write compilers in my free time (though, I don't get much of that anymore). I'm a masochist so naturally I'm a vim user.

When I'm not programming, I enjoy spending time with my family - my wife Kylie, and our two dogs, Edward and Oliver. Some of my hobbies include playing disc golf, running, riding my bike, and playing video games (I'm a huge fan of FromSoftware games, my favorite being Dark Souls 3). Although I'm not very good at it, I enjoy making home improvements. It's a lot of fun to learn about something that's completely different from programming.