Kyle Schattler


Pennsylvania College of Technology
B.S. in Web and Application Development, May 2013

Professional Experience

Branding Brand: Senior Frontend Developer
October 2014 - Present

  • Worked on various clients mobile websites using jQuery, Ember, Handlebars, Node, and Express
  • Wrote RESTful APIs that used the clients desktop sites as their datasource using Node and Express

UPMC: Intermediate Software Engineer
June 2013 - October 2014

  • Built single-page app in JavaScript using self developed framework that allowed radiologist to upload external DICOM images into UPMC’s system.
  • Developed web portal to manage images uploaded from external sites in .NET MVC 3
  • Developed RESTful API to integrate with DICOM uploading single-page app in .NET WebAPI
  • Wrote micro-services to process uploaded DICOM images in C#



  • Wrote frontend Model-View-Presenter framework that provides dependency injection, custom events, and easy module creation/extension to help structure JavaScript heavy applications. Utilized Grunt, Jasmine, Sinon, and Chai to build the modules and automate testing.

TF2Outpost Price Integration

  • Wrote Chrome extension that hits a Node.js server for item prices and injects those prices into Utilized Champion.js, jQuery, Node.js, Gulp.js, Jasmine, Chrome Extension API, Bootstrap 3, and Font Awesome 4.


  • Created a simple way to schedule classes using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, and Jade. Wrote tests using Mocha with Should.

Technical Skills

JavaScript Node.js & Npm Express.js (3 & 4)
Restify Backbone.js Angular.js
Underscore.js & Lodash.js jQuery MongoDB & Mongoose
Require.js & Browserify HTML, Jade, ejs & Handlebars CSS, SASS, & Stylus
Gulp & Grunt Jasmine, Mocha, & Sinon Linux (Debian based, and Arch)
OS X Git, SVN & TFS Bash & Zsh